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Nine Lessons for Christmas


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A Journey through the Infancy Narrative


Readings from the Beginning of the Holy Gospel According to Matthew


Read one reading per day in preparation for Christmas


Read multiple readings in one day


LESSON 1, Jesus is the climax of Jewish history: The Genealogy of Jesus

LESSON 2, Joseph considers divorce: Joseph's Decision

LESSON 3, Jesus is the fulfillment of Godís promises: The Birth of Jesus

LESSON 4, Hope for some, concern for others: The Magi Arrive in Jerusalem

LESSON 5, Jesus is worthy of praise: The Visit of the Magi

LESSON 6, Exodus experience is recalled: The Flight to Egypt

LESSON 7, Herod fears a rival: The Massacre of the Innocents

LESSON 8, Jesus moves to Nazareth: The Return from Egypt

LESSON 9, Prepare for the coming of Jesus: John the Baptist




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