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Previously Known as The Catholic Cemetery

Bowen Road near Seneca Street, East Aurora, NY


The index contains a list of 210 people buried in the cemetery, including at least

·       34 children

·       10 veterans

·       23 members of the extended Marshall family

·       25 people who worked on a farm

·       22 people who lived on Oakwood Avenue

·       2 people who were over 100 years old when they died

·       The first person from East Aurora to die in World War I (and who had a street named after him)

·       The “Flower Lady” who watered plants on Main Street in East Aurora

·       A farmer, who died when he was hit by a train in West Falls

·       The head of the Los Angeles local of the air traffic controllers union when President Ronald Reagan fired the striking controllers in 1981

·       An “errand girl” for Elbert Hubbard who gave an interview about her experiences before she died

·       A driver of a gasoline truck who died in a fiery crash

·       A kindergarten student who was struck by a school bus in front of his school

·       A charter member and Financial Secretary of the Christ the King of East Aurora Council #12829 of the Knights of Columbus

·       A priest

·       A person who provided transportation for a local priest to mission churches by horse and buggy

·       The church trustee who purchased the cemetery property for $100 in 1894


The Immaculate Conception Cemetery in East Aurora, NY, is the final resting place for over 200 people, whose surnames include Arndt, Baetzhold, Banzer, Baumer, Becker, Beckmann, Brady, Brauner, Brennan, Brucato, Brunemier, Carini, Cassidy, Cipro, Clark, Clarry, Cleary, Conron, Coyle, Cunningham, Damon, Deheck, Denzel, Digangi, Eaden, Edelhofer, Eggert, Ernst, Ess, Farley, Ferdinand, Fisk, Fox, Fuest, Fugle, Gentile, Gilbert, Glase, Glass, Haaf, Hackett, Hallaron, Hammon, Hayes, Heins, Hennessey, Hessman, Horton, Hubbs, Hughes, Jaworski, Jerge, Johnson, Juenker, Keem, Kingston, Krouse, Kyser, Lawrence, Lennon, Link, Little, Logel, Macaluso, Marshall, McCormick, McKowne, Meyer, Miller, Mutter, Neville, Osborn, Peacock, Persons, Phillips, Pike, Pochel, Putney, Rafferty, Ragan, Richiusa, Robarge, Russell, Samuels, Schaller, Schnitzer, Schwartz, Seibert, Shaller, Sheehan, Shields, Smith, Snyder, Souvenier, Speth, Steckmeyer, Steinwachs, Strauss, Sugrue, Szymanski, Tackbary, Taylor, Teufel, Tully, Walsh, Wedgewood, Weinheimmer, Wiessman, Williams, Wittkas, Wolfe, Young, Youngers, and Zagrobelny.


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The information for this website was extracted from multiple sites, including:

·     On-site inspection of gravestones

·     The website www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2170150/memorial-search, which has a comprehensive view of who is buried at this cemetery.  Caution: it also incorrectly includes several people whose funeral was held at Immaculate Conception Church but are not buried at the cemetery.

·     Another (but less complete) view is available at wnyroots.tripod.com/index-aurora-catholic-cem.html.  Or click here for a pdf version of that webpage

·     Photos or comments related to some of the people buried in the cemetery can be found in the 111-page Immaculate Conception Parish History from 1975.

·     Research by Judy M.

·     archive.org/details/nydeathindex

·     Familysearch.org

·     US Census data

·     NYS Census data

·     Ancestry.com

·     Buffalo News and www.buffalonews.com

·     The archives of the Aurora Town Historian’s office



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